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Welcome to our investors page. Here you will find market announcements, share price information (we will link you to the NZX) and other news items.

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Market Announcements

Please find below our latest market announcements in pdf format, they are in chronological order (latest first). Please click on a link to download the article.

Market Update – 21 May 2020

Director Announcement – 4 May 2020

Completion of Sale of Substantial Holding of Shares / Disclosure of Beginning to have a Substantial Holding of Shares – 9 April 2020

COVID-19 Announcement

Ongoing Disclosure Notice

Sale of Substantial Holding of Shares

MGL Interim Announcement 6 months to 31 December 2019

MGL Interim Report 6 months to 31 December 2019

191112 NZX Announcement – Final purchase price for Milmeq

191024 NZX Announcement New Director

191024 Annual Meeting Results

20191023 AGM Presentation

20191008 Notice of Meeting

MGL Annual Report and Financial Statement to 30 June 2019

Mercer Interim Report-R1

181207 NZX Announcement

2018 AGM Presentation

181130 Annual Meeting Results

20181105 Notice of Meeting

20181008 AM and Director Nomination Date

Mercer Annual Report 2018

180829 NZX Results Announcement

180829 Audited Financial Statements

180216 NZX Announcement (Pre-lim H1)

Mercer Group Limited – Financial Statement 171231

Annual Meeting Results

Annual Meeting Presentation

Notice of Meeting (NZX approved)

NZX Announcement

MGL 2017 Annual Report

161209 Acquisition of Haden and Custance completed

161209 Disclosure of Directors & Senior Managers Relevant Interest

161209 Issue of Ordinary Shares

161202 Cleansing Notice

161125 NZX Announcement – Issue of Ord Shares

161125 NZX Announcement – H&C Update

Edendale silo 4 update

MGL Cleansing Notice

MGL Offer Document

AGM Voting Results

Mercer Group Investor Document SCREEN FA5

MGL Notice of Annual Meeting

NZX Regulation – Waiver 2016-10-03

Independent Advisor Reports

MGL Annual Report 2016-09-15

Disclosure of ceasing to have substantial holding-2016-09-02

Audited 2016 Results 2016-08-29

Audited Results and Rights Issue Announcement-2016-08-29

Restructure and Capital Raising Announcement-2016-05-31

Insurance Settlement 2016-04-05

Six Month Ended 31 December 2015 Interim Report

Proxy Form for AGM 30 November 2015

Notice of AGM 30 November 2015

Mercer Divests Medical Division – Announcement 6 Oct 15

Mercer Annual Report 2015

Unaudited earnings and business update YE 30th June 2015

Trading Update and CEO Appointment – NZX 090715

Press Release – CFO and CEO Step Down

Mercer – Preliminary Year Report Announcement – Half Year Results to 31 December 2014

Mercer – Financial Statement  – 6 month ended 31 Dec 2014

Disclosure of Movement – R Shepherd

Mercer Group – Issue of Ordinary Shares – R Shepherd

Disclosure Notice – Directors and Management Relevant Interests – T Blathwayt

Mercer Group – Exercise of Ordinary Share Options – T Blathwayt

NZX Announcement – 2014

AGM Results 2014 AGM Resolution Results

AGM – Mercer CEO’s Presentation – 1 December 2014

Notice of AGM 1 Dec 2014 & Proxy Form

Issue of Ordinary Share Options – Alan Dowman

Annual Report 2014

2014 May Market Update – News Release

Issue of shares – Feb 2014

Disclosure of Movement – Feb 2014

NZX Disclosure notice – Feb 2014

Interim Report 6 months ended 2013; SSH Rodger David Shepherd; SSH Notice Murray Capital Rakaia Fund Ltd Partnership; SSH Hubbard Churcher Trust Management Limited; Ongoing Disclosure Notice (Rodger David Shepherd); Officer Disclosure Notice Rodger Shepherd; MGL issue of ordinary shares upon exercise of Rakaia Fund LP warrants; Mercer Signs S-Clave Licence Agreement MGL AGM 2013; Results of resolutions at Mercer Annual General Meeting 2013; Notice of Meeting and Proxy Form Proxy Form; Annual-General-Meeting-Presentation; Mercer Group Limited Half Year Results to 31 December 2013; Intention to Exercise Options Dec 2013; APPENDIX 1 INTERIM REPORT SIX MONTHS ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2013 December 2013 Half Year Press Release; Issue of ordinary shares Nov; Announcement Chairman of the Board arrangements; MGL AGM Results 2013; AGM Presentation 2013; SClave Announcement; View our Mercer Group Annual Report 2013 Online ebook; Mercer Group Annual Report 2013;June 2013 NZX Announcement

Mercer Group Limited – Interim Report 2012Mercer Group Limited – 2012 AGM Chairman and CEO AddressMercer Group Limited – 2012 AGM ResultsMercer Group Limited – Notice of Meeting of shareholdersMercer Group Limited – Disclosure of Directors Relevant Interests – Rodger Shepherd Mercer Group Limited – Allotment notice – Issue of shares to Rodger ShepherdMercer Group Limited – Directors NominationsMercer Group Limited – 2012 Annual ReportMercer secures Canadian order for Slicing MachineryMercer Group Limited – Appendix 1-June 2012Mercer Group Limited Preliminary Full Year Results to 30 June 2012Mercer Group Limited – 2012 Year-end announcementMercer Group Limited – Director Appointment and Director ResignationMercer Group Limited acquires 75% majority stake in Titan Slicer businessMercer Group Limited – Director AppointmentMercer Group Limited – Results of special shareholders meeting 09/05/12Mercer Group Limited – Issue of ordinary shares Rodger ShepherdMercer Group Limited – Disclosure of change in nature of relevant interestMercer Group Limited – Disclosure of beginning to have substantial holdingMercer Group Limited – Notice of special shareholders meeting

Mercer Group Limited 2011 Interim ReportMercer Group Limited CEO intention to exercise Series A OptionsMercer Group gains distribution rights for WilsonArt in New ZealandMercer Group Limited News Release – Half Year Result to 31 December 2011, Preliminary Resullts for Half Year to 31 December 2011, Half Year Attachments Disclosure of Relevant Interest by Directors and Officers A T BlathwaytMercer Group Limited 2011 AGM ResultsMercer Group Limited 2011 AGM Chairman and CEO addressDisclosure of Relevant Interest by Directors and Officers A T BlathwaytDisclosure of Relevant Interest by Directors and Officers G J DiackMercer Group Limited FundingMercer Group Limited Funding PackageMercer Group Limited 2011 Annual ReportMercer Group Limited Full Year Results to 30 June 2011Announcement of new CEO for Mercer Group Limited 2 August 2011