Growth through Innovation

“New technology is common, new thinking is rare.” – Sir Peter Blake

The experience and know-how gained over the years has resulted in a strong engineering foundation, important partnerships and a “can do” mentality.

The development and commercialisation of new innovative technology based products, in addition to our existing stainless steel fabrication, holds the key to our future growth.

Our pioneering heritage, engineering a lot with little and translating necessity into innovation has become our focus. To foster this culture we have initiated an innovation pipeline, where ideas are encouraged, gathered and put through a selection process that ensures that resources are applied effectively to create real value.

Mercer Technologies is the innovative hub of the Mercer Group and has initiated and developed value added technology products.

While not every idea will lead to immediate increased sales, it will add to our long term goal of strengthening our design and engineering capabilities, offering more to our customers, shareholders and employees.

To this end we are working closely with customers, research institutes and inventors to identify and progress innovation opportunities.